Program Requirements

Model Program Sequence

Includes required courses for both the minor and the certificate program.

The highlighted area distinguishes the certificate program from the full minor.

  Fall Semester Spring Semester
FR   LLIT/LSPN 230 P1 Hispanic/Latino Vistas: Film and Literature (3)*
SO LSPN 101C P5 Beginning Spanish I (4)
LSPN 102D P5 Beginning Spanish II (4)
LSPN 102D P5 Beginning Spanish II (4)
LSPN 103D P5 Beginning Spanish III (4)
JR LSPN 121 Conversational Spanish For Health I (2) LSPN 122 Conversational Spanish For Health II (2)

SOCI 217D Latino Healthcare Issues (3)

LSPN 490 Internship (Community Health Projects) (2)
Nursing Clinical Placement at a Spanish/bilingual facility

*If a student takes this course at the onset of the minor prior to the completion of the language and conversation sequences, the student must take LLIT 230P P1 Hispanic/Latino Vistas: Film and Literature (3) (taught in English); however, if the student has transfer credit for the language courses or wishes to delay taking this course until after completing the language sequence, the student should take LSPN 230P P1 Hispanic/Latino Vistas" Film and Literature (3) (taught in Spanish), which is preferable. See the program director for appropriate placement before beginning the minor courses.

Spanish/Latino Culture for the Health Professions (Minor/Certificate Program)

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