Program Requirements

Required Courses for the Sociology Major

SOCI 101D (or SOCI 103) P3 Introduction to Sociology (3)
SOCI 280C Social Research Methods (3)
SOCI 381 Thinking Sociologically (3)
SOCI 419 Sociology Capstone (3)
Eight Sociology electives** (24)
Total (36)

**Students must complete at least three electives at the 200 level and two electives at the 300 and/or 400 level. SOCI 490 (Internship) and SOCI 496 (Independent Study) only apply as upper level major electives with the written permission of the department chairman. Students may choose general sociology electives or choose electives to meet the human services departmental concentration.

All courses designated as sociology courses (SOCI) are included in the determination of the grade point average in the major.

Human Services Focus

In addition to completing the required course selections for the sociology major, students may pursue a human services focus within the major. The human services focus includes three required courses that must be taken as electives within the major:

  • SOCI 150 – Introduction to Human Services (3)
  • SOCI 162 – Counseling and Caregiving Roles (3)
  • SOCI 220 – CC Groups and Diversity (3)

General Department Rules

  • SOCI 101D or SOCI 103 is a prerequisite for SOCI 280 and all 300 and 400 level sociology electives.

Independent Study Criteria

To be eligible for an independent study in sociology, a student must be a senior sociology major with a minimum 3.30 grade point average.

To apply, a student must submit a three-page proposal to the department chair explaining the topic, purpose, and design of the study, along with the required Independent Study/Tutorial Authorization form. The chair will assign a faculty member to work with the student.

All independent studies are graded S/U; work must be at the B+ level to earn a satisfactory grade. Independent study courses in sociology only count as upper level major sociology electives with the written permission of the department chair.


For More Information

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Department Chair
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