Program Requirements

Media Management Bachelor of Science Requirements

Program requirements include a series of fundamental courses in both communication and business principles; a set of "extension" courses allowing for more in-depth exploration of specific areas such as public relations, advertising, or marketing; and a capstone sequence that includes a practicum experience (which may be repeated for credit):

Communication Fundamentals (all required) (25)
COMM 100 Intro to Mass Communication
Choose one: COMM 250 Speech Communication
COMM 353 Public Speaking
COMM 253 Business Communication
COMM 267 Social Media Management
COMM 270 Introduction to Public Relations
COMM 281 Introduction to Advertising
COMM 295 Multimedia Writing
COMM 322 COMM Careers Seminar (1)
COMM 376 PR Writing
Business Fundamentals (all required) (12)
COMM 349 Media Management & Economics
COMM 363 Media Research and Analytics
MKTG 221 Marketing Principles
MKTG 324 Marketing Research
Statistics Course (3)
Choose one: STAT 160 P4 Quantitative Methods for Social Research
ECON 221 SQ Statistics I
Advanced Communication and Marketing Courses (12)
Choose four:* COMM 301 Journalism I: Reporting and Writing
COMM 319 Design II
COMM/PSYC 352 Group Dynamics
COMM 372 PR Case Studies
COMM 374 Nonprofit Management
COMM/SPST 375 Sport and Social Media
COMM 377 Media Relations
COMM 381 Ad Portfolio Development
COMM 383 Creative Ad Writing
COMM 449 Media Entrepreneurship
COMM 481 Advertising Strategy and Production
DIGC 245 SQ Visualizing Data
MKTG 325 Promotion Management
MKTG 327 Buyer Behavior
MKTG 344 Personal Selling
MKTG 415 Internet Marketing
MKTG 418 Business–to–Business Marketing
STAT 345 Exploratory Data Analysis
Visual Design Course (3)
Choose one: COMM 219 Design I
COMM 231 Video Storytelling
COMM 269 Web Design
Capstone Sequence (all required) (9)
COMM 472 Advanced PR Programs and Management
COMM 488 Media Management Practicum
One additional COMM elective at 300-level or above, including option of repeating practicum for additional credit. COMM 490 Internship will also fulfill this requirement
Total (64)

*No more than four marketing courses total may be taken for the major and no more than two MKTG course may be taken to satisfy the advanced communication and marketing course requirement.

For students majoring in media management, all required and elective courses are included in the determination of the grade point average in the major. A minimum of 33 major credits must be taken in residence at St. John Fisher College.

Students working toward a B.S. in media management are not eligible to earn a minor in marketing or any minors within the Department of Media and Communication. Majors may however, minor in digital cultures and technologies.

Media Management

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