Recommended Progression

B.A. International Studies

Recommended progression of courses required for a B.A. international studies major. Students should consult Core Requirements for a complete description of the College’s Core.

FR ISPR 100D (3)
LANG 101C (4)
HIST 102D** (3)
ECON 105C** (3)
REST 152D** (3)
LANG 102D (4)
POSC 218** (3)
SO LANG 103D (4)
Functional Study Course (3)
Area Study Course (3)
LANG 200D* (3)
LANG 201D* (3)
ANTH 209** (3)
JR*** LANG 202D* (3)
Functional Study Course (3)
Area Study Course (3)
SR Functional or Area Study Course (3) ISPR 498 (3)

*Language study beyond the 103 level is strongly encouraged. Suggested for students participating in the foreign study program.

**Students select four of these five courses.

***ISPR majors who use part or all of their junior year for a foreign study program or a Washington internship should plan their course schedules carefully with their advisors so that the junior-year courses are either taken in the sophomore and senior years or satisfied as part of the foreign study or internship course load.

International Studies

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