Program Requirements

Digital Cultures and Technologies Major Requirements

Digital Cultures and Technologies Core (13)
CSCI/DIGC 158 P4 Intro to Computational Media
COMM 219 Design I
COMM 269 Web Design
COMM 322 COMM Careers Seminar (1)
DIGC 490 Senior Project
Perspectives (15)
Cultural –
Choose two:
COMM 367 Emergent Media and Web Culture
ENGL 272 P2 Digital Feminisms
ENGL 346 Narrative and New Media
ENGL 380 Visual Rhetoric
ENGL 382 Digital Literacies
Interactive Art –
Choose one:
DIGC/ARTS 258 Intro to Physical Computing
DIGC/ARTS 259 P1 Interaction Art
Data –
Choose one:
DIGC 240 P4 The Networked World
DIGC 245 SQ Visualizing Data
Writing –
Choose one:
ENGL 355 Professional Writing
ENGL 356 Editing and Publishing
ENGL 361 Writing with New Media
Advanced Production (6)
Choose one track:
(2 courses)
COMM 362 Interactive Media Design - AND -
COMM 468 Advanced Web Design
DIGC 271 Video Game Design - AND -
DIGC 371 Video Game Design II
Electives* (9)
Choose 9 credits: AMST/ARTS 201C P1 Picturing the Past
ARTS 112D Digital Art
ARTS/COMM 236 Photo I: Art Photography
ARTS/COMM 336 Photo II: Media and Documentary
COMM 231 Video Storytelling
COMM 261 P1 Documentary Film
COMM 267 Social Media Management
COMM 319 Design II
COMM 328 Editing and Motion Graphics
COMM 349 Media Management and Economics
COMM 361 Documentary Production
COMM 363 Media Research and Web Analytics
COMM 449 Media Entrepreneurship
CSCI 260 Introduction to Databases and Applications
CSCI 303 C Module (1)
CSCI 304 Visual BASIC Module (1)
CSCI 307 Python Module (1)
CSCI 355 Mobile Computing
CSCI 365 Computer Graphics
CSCI 375 Programming the World Wide Web
CSCI 385 Data Mining
EDUC 204 Educational Technology
ENGL 218C P1 Theater and Design
ENGL/COMM 329 Film and Television Analysis
MATH 260 Applied Mathematical Statistics –OR–
ECON 221 SQ Statistics I
MKTG 415 Internet Marketing
STAT 345 Exploratory Data Analysis
ANY DIGC course not already used to meet another requirement in the major
Total (43)

*Students may also select as electives any course under the Perspectives areas or Advanced Production not already taken to meet a perspectives or advanced production requirement. In addition, any DIGC courses offered in the course of the academic year which are not included in this list at the time of catalog publication, may be used as elective credit in the major.

A grade point average of 2.00 is required for all courses taken in residence that may be applied to the major.

Digital Cultures and Technologies

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