Program Requirements

Required Courses for the Criminology Major

Required courses (21)
CRIM 112 Criminology  
CRIM 115 Crime and Punishment  
CRIM 230 Prison Nation  
SOCI 101D P3 Introduction to Sociology  
SOCI 223 Sociology of the Family  
SOCI 280C Social Research Methods  
CRIM 415 Capstone  
Advanced Criminology (9)
Choose three: CRIM 308 Women and Crime  
CRIM 312 Punishment Perspectives  
CRIM 322 Socio-Legal Foundations of U.S. Criminal Justice  
CRIM 330 Special Topics in Criminology  
CRIM 342 Convict Criminology  
CRIM 343 Juvenile Justice  
CRIM 362 Police and the Law  
Electives (12)
Choose four: ANTH 221C P4 Bones, Bodies, and Detection  
ANTH 226 P2 Anthropology of Law  
BIOL 117 P4 Forensics: CSI Science  
CHEM 132 P4 The Chemistry of Crime  
CRIM 222 Topics in Criminology  
CRIM 232 CC Global Terrorism  
CRIM 335 Crime and the Media  
CRIM 490 Internship  
CRIM 496 Independent Study  
SOCI 111C P3 Sociology of Crime  
SOCI 232C P3 Sociology of Juvenile Delinquency  
SOCI 238 Deviant Behavior  
SOCI 307C Sociology of Law  
SOCI 314 U.S. Race Relations  
SOCI 315 Our Gendered World  
SOCI 381 Thinking Sociologically  
SOCI 385 Regulating the Addicted and Impaired  
STAT 160 P4 Data Analysis and Social Research  
Total   (42)

There is no minor in criminology.

Students who major in criminology and minor in sociology may only apply SOCI 101D to both; all other courses in the sociology minor must be different from those courses applied to the criminology major.

For students majoring in criminology, all courses that may apply to the major requirements are included in the determination of the grade point average in the major.


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