Program Requirements

Anthropology Major Requirements

Majors complete a total of 30 credits in anthropology: eight core courses and two elective courses, distributed as follows:

100 Level Core Courses (6)
At least two courses must be selected:
ANTH 103 LC Anthropology in Action
ANTH 104 CC Foundations of Anthropology
ANTH 106D P5 Cross Cultural Interaction
ANTH 107 Conflict and Culture
ANTH 110 P1 Myths, Monsters, and Mysteries
200 Level Core Courses (12)
At least one course must be selected from each of the subfields below:
Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 209 World Cultures
ANTH 226 P2 Anthropology of Law
ANTH 227 P3 Anthropology of Sex
ANTH 240 P2 Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion
Biological Anthropology
ANTH 201D P4 The Human Animal
ANTH 221C P4 Bones, Bodies and Detection
ANTH 231C P4 The Primates
ANTH 241D P3 Medical Anthropology
ANTH 260 P4 Genetics, Health, and Human Variation
SOCI 201 SQ Principles of Epidemiology
Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH 204D P5 Studying Language
ANTH 243 P5 Ethnomedicine
ANTH 254 Ancient Civilizations
ANTH 264 P4 Paleopathology
ARTS/MSTD 228D P3 Introduction to Museum Studies
ARTS/MSTD 229D P3 This Old House – Historic Site Administration
300 level Core Courses (6)
At least two courses must be selected:
ANTH 305 Seminar in Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 306 Seminar in Biological Anthropology
ANTH 308 Archeology: Theory and Methods
ANTH 320 Disaster, Hazard, and Risk
ANTH 330 Special Topics in Area Studies
Electives (6)
Two additional ANTH electives may be chosen at any level (excluding 199)
Total (30)

Each major is strongly encouraged to study a foreign language in depth, take a course in statistical methods, and spend appreciable time experiencing another culture. This may be done by attending college in a foreign country for a semester or year, taking part in a summer research or study program, or traveling. Students should discuss the possibilities of such work with their departmental advisor.

Each major is also strongly encouraged to complete a departmental internship (ANTH 490) or to take part in a fieldwork course (ANTH 493).

For students majoring in anthropology, all courses designated as anthropology (ANTH) and all other courses outside of the discipline that meet a major requirement are included in the determination of the grade point average in the major.


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