M.S. Literacy Birth–Grade 6
M.S. Literacy Grades 5–12
M.S. Literacy Birth–Grade 6 and Grades 5–12

Dr. Kathleen A. Broikou, Program Director


The mission of the Master of Science in Literacy Education program is to prepare highly capable and ethically responsible literacy professionals who thoroughly understand and can implement the theory and practice of literacy acquisition and instruction. Consistent with the missions of St. John Fisher College and the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education, as well as the standards set forth by the International Reading Association, the literacy program develops the knowledge, skills, and dispositions literacy educators need in order to effectively teach all students ways of using multiple forms of text that will provide them with opportunities for success in a global community. The program embraces the belief that all children learn and that learning occurs when students are actively engaged in constructing meaning within a collaborative and supportive community of learners. As such, our candidates in literacy learn how to create learning environments that address the diverse learning needs of students, are informed by best practices, use ongoing meaningful assessment of student learning, and are continuously informed by self-reflection and a commitment to professional development. Finally, our candidates learn how to disseminate information about literacy development to the family and community so that literacy learning becomes meaningful in all aspects of a child’s life.

The program is designed for teachers who hold initial or provisional classroom certification and wish to become certified in literacy education. We offer graduate literacy programs leading toward professional certification in Literacy Birth to Grade 6 and Literacy Grades 5 to 12. Candidates may elect to complete a program that leads to one certification or both certifications.

Program Goals

This program is designed to develop literacy professionals who:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the theory and practice of teaching literacy.
  • Understand literacy acquisition as something that occurs across the lifespan, out of school, as well as in school.
  • Create positive connections with families and communities in order to support both in- and out-of-school literacy learning.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and respect for cultural, linguistic, and ethnic diversity.
  • Have the ability to create programs to address the strengths and needs of individual learners.
  • Have advanced knowledge of the learner and learning environment as well as practical skills in design, implementation, teaching strategies, assessment, and evaluation of literacy programs.
  • Encourage all teachers, regardless of discipline or special areas, to understand language and literacy as tools for thinking and learning that integrate reading, writing, listening, speaking, and visual representation.
  • Have the expertise and habits of mind that lead to equitable pedagogy in order to address the needs of all students, including those with diverse perspectives and special needs.
  • Practice continuous reflection and professional development.

Admission Requirements

Candidates are required to have initial or provisional teacher certification and present satisfactory evidence of the ability to perform at the graduate level for admission to the graduate program in literacy education at St. John Fisher College. The School of Education Admissions Committee and the program director assess applicant qualifications. To comply with New York State regulations, all new applicants to graduate-level teacher certification programs must provide St. John Fisher College with official scores from the ALST, GRE or MAT.

For information regarding application and admission to the Master of Science in Literacy Education program, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at (585) 385-8064 or email grad@sjfc.edu.

For specific information regarding the Master of Science in Literacy Education program, please contact Dr. Kathleen Broikou, program director, at (585) 385-8112 or email kbroikou@sjfc.edu.

Master of Science in Literacy Education (M.S.)

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