Program Overview

The Inclusive Childhood Education major prepares teacher candidates to be highly capable and ethically responsible teachers who have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to teach and reach all students effectively in childhood education (grades 1–6). The program standards draw directly from the SoE/PEU’s conceptual framework, New York State Teaching and Learning Standards, the Association for Childhood Education International Standards, and the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Standards. We embrace the fundamental belief that all students can and will learn and that learning is significantly enhanced when teachers understand and apply education theory and research to inform practice; multifaceted approaches to address the diverse learning needs of each student; and best educational practices to improve teaching and learning.

The Inclusive Childhood Education program qualifies a candidate for a B.S. in Inclusive Childhood Education with New York State Initial certifications in Childhood Education (1–6), Students with Disabilities (1–6), and Middle School Extension in the content area (7–9). Teacher candidates who major in Inclusive Childhood Education must also complete a second major in a content area. Content areas include English (Literature), French, Spanish, Mathematics (Statistics major) and Social Studies (American Studies or History major). The second major may require candidates to complete more than the minimum 120 credits required for degree completion. If a student chooses a second liberal arts major other than one of these six, the student must meet with the chairman of the Department of Undergraduate Inclusive Education to review options. The 55-credit Inclusive Childhood Education major is structured within a sequential schedule. Courses in one level must be completed successfully before continuing to the next level.

Inclusive Childhood Education

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